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Gravel Bikes and Tours

21 Jun 2024
Gravel Bikes and Tours

If you're an avid cyclist or someone looking to explore new terrains, you've probably heard about gravel bikes. These bikes are specifically designed to be versatile and efficient across a wide variety of terrains, combining elements of road bikes, mountain bikes, and cyclocross bikes. But what exactly makes gravel bikes so special?

Key Advantages of Gravel Bikes and Why You Should Try Our Gravel Tours

  • Versatility Across Terrains: Gravel bikes handle various surfaces with ease, including paved roads, gravel paths, dirt trails, and light off-road sections. This versatility allows for more diverse and enjoyable rides.

  • Enhanced Comfort: With a more relaxed geometry, gravel bikes offer a more upright riding position, reducing strain on your back and neck. Wider tires provide better shock absorption, making long rides more comfortable.

  • Superior Stability: Wider tires and robust frames enhance stability and control on loose or uneven surfaces. This increased stability helps maintain confidence and safety, making it easier to tackle inclines and descents.

  • All-Weather Performance: Equipped with disc brakes, gravel bikes ensure reliable braking power in all weather conditions, keeping you safe in rain, mud, and in more difficult paths.

  • Load-Carrying Capacity: Gravel bikes feature multiple mounting points for racks and bags, ideal for bikepacking and long-distance touring. You can carry your gear without compromising handling or performance.


Ready to experience the benefits of gravel biking?

Join one of our exciting gravel bike tours.
We offer a variety of routes tailored to different skill levels, all set in beautiful, scenic locations. Our tours are designed to give you the ultimate gravel biking experience, combining adventure with the joy of exploring new terrains.

Don’t miss out on the chance to discover Portugal of gravel biking with us, exploring breathtaking landscapes and hidden trails... Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or new to the sport, our tours provide a perfect mix of challenging rides and leisurely exploration, ensuring you have an unforgettable experience.

For more details and to book a tour or a bike, visit our website or contact us.

We look forward to riding with you!

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